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I am available to run a variety of wellbeing focused workshops for your group or organisation. 


Over the years, I have facilitated many workshops in a broad variety of settings including: schools, health based organisations, mental health services, disability services, arts centres, community centres, and in bush settings.


In each of my workshops, I encourage...

  • A Person-centred and ‘whole-person’ approach and focus.

  • The use of creative processes for wellbeing in everyday life.

  • Respect for individual life experience.

  • Building on personal strengths and skills.

  • Creating an environment of encouragement and support.

  • Facilitating emotional awareness and insight.

  • Use of accessible and sustainable processes and materials.

  • Safety, appropriate boundary setting, confidentiality and professionalism.

  • Playfulness, fun & shared creativity for building stronger groups and communities.

And here you will find a list of a few of the arts and wellbeing workshops that I offer: 

  • Self care and slowing down practices for everyday life.

  • Art and craft for sensitive people.

  • Bookmaking and storytelling.

  • Art and craft life skills.

  • Drawing and creativity for everyone.

  • Hands-on drawing skills.

  • Artist books.

  • Self care and creativity for carers and healthcare workers.

  • Creative process for reflective practice.

  • Journaling for creativity and self therapy. 

  • Creatively working within natural environments. 

  • Using arts and crafts for grounding and personal growth.

  • Creating with less.

  • Creative journaling for parents.

  • Gratitude workshop.

  • Art and writing processes for times of transition.

  • Creative team building.

  • Visual journaling for generating ideas and new work.

Each workshop is carefully tailored to suit the individual needs of your group.


Workshop sessions are available for either half day, full day or over a series of consecutive sessions or days. 


I also facilitate and coordinate community projects with arts / health and wellbeing goals. In the past, these have included large textile and stitching based projects, working in health care environments and schools as an artist in residence, and working with groups in the natural environment. You can find some examples of these projects on the ‘Wellbeing - Workshops’ page.


For more workshop options, or for other enquiries about my workshop program, please contact me via my ‘Contact’ page or email me directly on:


I'll be looking forward to running a workshop or arts project with your community, group or organisation sometime soon... 


Be well then,


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