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Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve MCSR Nature Journaling ©Petra Meer 2 copy.jpg
handmade journals

Another important area of my arts practice includes workshop facilitation; both in the natural environment and within communities. These workshops are designed to help people balance out the busyness of everyday life by using grounding and creative practices.


The aim of these workshops is to offer both an expressive and learning experience to participants. There is a focus on the creative and wellbeing needs of each individual so each person has the opportunity to learn, experiment, play, connect and grow. My hope is that these workshops leave people refreshed and renewed.

I also facilitate workshops that focus on supporting people who wish to work though more difficult personal experiences. My Masters of Counselling really helps me to build person - centered relationships with others. I am able to offer alternative practices for coping with day to day life struggles, including the the use of mindfulness, self care, and therapeutic practices and processes.


Please have a look through the pages of my website to view a few of the projects, workshops and residencies that I have been involved with in the past, along with some of my more current work.

If you are interested in asking me anything about my work or enquiring about commissioning art or workshop facilitation, please don’t hesitate to go to the ‘contact’ page and send me an email or a message.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my site,

Go gently,


Petra Meer

Hello my name is Petra Meer and welcome to my website.


Art and creativity have been a major part of my life as long as I can remember. I loved drawing and creating as a child and this passion eventually lead me to completing my first degree, a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design. Being creative everyday, continues to bring me joy by enriching my life and creative wellbeing practice.

Creativity, nature our natural environment go hand in hand in ensuring wellbeing on all levels of who we are. Nature is ever changing and a never-ending source of inspiration for all kinds of artwork, creativity and growth. Through my work, I encourage others to experience the important calming, healing and inspirational effect that nature has to offer each of us.

I also draw on this inspiration for my own creative work and projects, whether it be through illustration and painting, or by integrating nature into bookmaking, journaling or textiles.

My illustration work has also been commissioned by both Tasmanian and New South Wales Parks and Wildlife Services to illustrate endangered species and bring awareness to fragile ecosystems.

MCSR Kurrajong Pods journal entry © Petra Meer copy.jpg
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